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Ian Cartabiano, President of ED2, Lexus’ European design studio in Nice, France, gives a personal insight into how Lexus Brave Design is inspiring creativity and innovation in an interview for Australia’s “The Mentor” podcast series.

In conversation with host Mark Bouris, an Australian businessman and Lexus Ambassador, he reflects on working on the pivotal design for the award-winning Lexus LC Coupe. He also reveals the wide-ranging research and the design goals being pursued at ED2 to create a new generation of Lexus Electrified vehicles for the future. These include the Lexus LF-30 Electrified Concept, which he considers to be a perfect expression of what “Brave Design” means.

Ian Cartabiano was recruited on his graduation from the highly respected Art Center College of Design in the USA and he went on to work at the company’s Calty Design Center in his native California. He was the Chief Designer of the Lexus LF-LC, the concept that went on to become the LC Coupe, and the Lexus LF-1 Limitless concept, presented in 2018. He took up his present role as ED2 President in that same year.

During the 50-minute podcast he explains how the LF-LC and subsequent LC Coupe represent a new era of Lexus design, capturing the spirit of TMC President Akio Toyoda’s famous declaration “no more boring cars.” He goes on to describe the challenges and opportunities presented by electrified mobility, free from the design constraints imposed by traditional vehicle engineering.

He also emphasises the significant work invested by his team in researching what people’s lives and priorities will be like in the society of the future. This intelligence is vital in enabling his team to envision Lexus vehicles that will be luxurious, exhilarating to drive and beautifully designed in the decades ahead.

The full podcast is available and is free to listen via this link: Ian Cartabiano: Brave Design with Lexus (omny.fm)

It is also available on Podcast One.